The story of my Backbone

Life is extremely unpredictable and whoever said that wasn’t joking at all. You will not know when it all comes crashing down on you, crushing you into a tiny piece of powerless human.

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Karma is Fishy

Somewhere in the middle of june last year, we all were very desperate for a holiday. A 3 day get away from the usual life, we wanted to breathe in a different air, and stroll in some new pathways, enjoying the lush greens and some clear blue sky, where we could spot birds and hear them chirp at the same time. 

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Mothers are Magical

I remember how my mother kept on teaching me 1+1 = 2, and how after almost 5 minutes, I stuttered for the correct answer, muttering the uhhhms and the uhhs, irritating her out of her mind, draining all her patience. 

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Penning Passion

When I was about to launch my blog, I was very particular about the tiniest little detail. The buttons, the colour, the look and feel, the vibe it should give and so on. 

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Lets Rip it off

Masked. We are all masked. Every day we carry innumerable masks. When we decide to stay happy for the day, we have a mask; another face which will cover up for us if we fail. 

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Living her Childhood

Patna. I have been coming here since the days I didn't even know how to walk. The air here gives us a sneezy welcome, as soon as our trains halt and flights land. But it also slightly tickles me with my mother's childhood. 

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Smile, when its tough...

My mother and her mother are the most lively women I have ever come across. They somehow fight all the odds and still smile. Touchwood. We are often taught that we learn about life and its ups and downs in the journey itself.

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Beautiful Forevers

It is so beautiful to be able to write. You can write about the rains and the chitter chatter it does when it falls on your garden. How randomly it showers and then stops, leaving behind the aroma of wet mud.

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