FireFlying Experiences

Weekend getaways have become a trend. Not just in small cities but metros as well. Over a couple of years I have realized that it is absolutely essential for people to do something over a weekend or on an extended holiday. We crave for newer things, and desperately get an urge to kill the monotony. In bigger cities you still have an option to spread your wings and try different places, exploring music and the drama of nightlife that keeps you buzzing.

But in smaller cities where more often you see the same faces in the same places, eating the same food and drinking the same drink, every Saturday, dancing on the same music. I get an urge to say,STOP! Because that's exactly what we call 'overdoing monotony'. That is when I pack my bags up for the weekend and fly off to some other city. Not because I don’t enjoy what my city delivers but because I am bored repeating.  

Ever since I moved back after my post grad, things have evolved. I am not denying the growth we all have witnessed, the restaurants and nightclubs that have opened, the culture of music they have tried to inculcate very subtly, and the joy that we all have attained living them. But for how many Wednesdays can we do the same thing? I know I’ll never stop loving the places that have helped me nurse my boredom but I won’t deny either that I do crave for newness. Something that’s out of the box, something that’s exciting; and just when I was thinking of it, I saw some drama happening on this facebook page called ‘Urban Jugnu’.

The name zoomed me back to my childhood, and my love for Jugnu (Fireflies). They amazed me in the most beautiful way ever. The light that sprung out of them always made me smile, and the excitement I sensed on cupping them in my palms was irreplaceable. Little did I know that ‘Urban Jugnu’ would do the same; until I attended the first experience they created, and believe me, it was magical.

The 5 founders of Urban Jugnu, Oshin-Aditi-Himanshu-Manan-Naman, work like a pack. They are fun and quirky and full of ideas. Their aim is to create experiences not events.
Bringing hundreds of people under one roof, sharing the love for music, dancing their worries off, relishing some cheese with good wine, downing with the sun, admiring the absolute; they want to work together and build happy moments that everyone can take back home as memories.Each one of them share the same idea; to deliver an experience, where like-minded people can enjoy, where you can make new friends, enjoy your favourite drink and soak your soul in the fusion of music and dance until its dawn.

Urban Jugnu isn’t precisely a company that organizes events; for me it’s more like a community which allows us to experience something that is ‘out of the box’. And when we go back, they make sure our hearts are content and are radiating just like the ‘Jugnu’.

I have personally been a part of the jugnu events, and the bands they bring are selective and unique. Something that’s unusual, something that fits with the taste buds of all. They believe in trying out as many things that they can put in their bucket list, get as many people they can as one big family, enjoying the same things together, sparkling from within, and doing something that’s different from a regular Saturday night.

We have seen them and how!

They are yet to be a year old and have already climbed the ladder up in making people happy, springing them out of the ordinary. Someone like me, who likes to enjoy my weekends thoroughly, I am glad to have them, to shake me up from the ordinary, every couple of months. With the dancing and the clinking of glasses, to swaying on the music they get for us, it’s now time to dive and wear the beach. Take out your sunglasses and sunscreens, wear your hats, keep a change of clothes, hold some classy cocktail glasses, make a check of the passes with the organizers(Try your luck, they’re almost closing entries), and wear your worries off!
The new event experience is all about sun, sand and palm trees; good food and enough liquids to quench your thirst; Bombay Karma to woo your ear buds and a splash of blue to keep you drenched. What are you waiting for?

Experiences beautify your soul, and when you are happy from within, the world is definitely a happier place then.

For details and queries and to fall in love with them just like I did, you can visit their facebook page Urban Jugnu.

Photographer: Shubham Jain

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