Nitro Boost- WTF!!

Ice creams are my all time favourite. Summer,Winter,Autumn or Monsoon; Happy,Sad,Angry or Pmsing, these yummies are a must. Ice cream has a cure for everything. It soothes the summer heat, gives you an extra ounce of chill in the winter breeze, makes the drizzling even more romantic and quirks up your imagination. This ice cold sweet little delicacy makes you swirl your tongue and wings you to the 'uhmmm world'.

I may be exaggerating, but next time when you are digging into a bowl of some sinfully delectable ice cream, remember this.

An ice cream for us comes coupled with a drive; it is like a ritual for us. If we are out, we never forget to halt at an ice cream parlour, and pick our favourite flavour. With the calming down of the 'sweet tooth craving', it lets you enjoy the deep 'sweetgasms'. Since I am not a huge fan of chocolates, I always let my taste buds experiment and cheat through the love I have for these 'frozen yummies'. I remember those frozen cola's as a kid and how I waited for the vendor to ring the bell of his 'thela'. I use to save my coins for them and eat it as slowly as possible so as to make the last smack and tease my cousins. Then came the summer holidays at my maternal city, where they always had a 'Kwality van', and believe me, no one serves better 'orange candy', till date.

Slowly the brands started progressing and people tried healthier ways of eating ice creams, which in every little way is joyful. Back then we had fewer options, but today we all have varied choices and our pockets are full of options. And just so I have grown up to be fortunately enjoy both; the simplicity of the 90's and the experiments of today, I have always craved to explore and that is how 'WTF- What's that freezing' attracted the attention of my taste buds.

Jaideep Chawla, the founder of 'What's that freezing' has sworn to make all the 'sweet tooth owners' drool. First he caught the city in the wave by sinfully spoiling and sugaring the hearts and tummies of all, with an extreme level of irresistible fat, good fat, 'sinfully good fat' at the maddest bakery of the city ‘The Mad Bakers’. And now he is back again with something that’s unique and delicious.

At 'What's that Freezing' you won’t find boxed containers or stored ice creams. Here you’ll see the chemistry of the smoky nitrogen gas with some milkshake and cream and your favourite flavour. And within 4 seconds and some serious cold love at -200 degree C, your ice cream will be prepared LIVE, and you’ll have your frozen treat which will take you straight to 7th heaven, I Promise.

The concept and the making of the ‘Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream’ is so hypnotizing, you’ll not know where those 4 seconds fly. The best thing about WTF is that they are absolutely organic. The flavours they use have ‘zero’ preservatives and therefore are shuffled to new, every month. Even the base of the ice cream is freshly juggled everyday and you’ll understand the intricacies only when you try it firsthand.

My favourites at the store are ‘Mint Chocochip’ and ‘French Vanilla’ from the selective menu they have introduced for now. The flavours will melt as soon as they touch your tongue and the beauty of distinguishing the mint in the chocochip will make you skip too many hurried beats. They will soon be introducing fresh fruits to the base, so all the fruit lovers can splash in their seasonal yummies and get them frozen in less in than 4 seconds. For the health freak buddies, hold your breath, WTF loves you too, as they have an option of sugar free ice creams available. They’ll soon introduce a lavish menu with flavoured popsicles as an add-on.

Do not wait. The weather is beautiful and breezy, and there’s never really a season to feast on an ice cream. Order your favourite flavour, sway in the fog of nitrogen, hold your freshly made waffled ice cream, sprinkle some toppings and for the love of ‘sweet tooth’ and the many desires of your tummy, let your mouth water and until a love story blossoms, let your stomach flirt, flirt a lot, with the ice cream.

Photographer: Shreyans Shrishrimal

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Location: What's that Freezing, Next to The Mad Bakers, Shankar Nagar.

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