Wedding - A Surreal Experience

Wedding bells are one of the sweetest chimes your ears can hear. It brings in jitters and some 1000 butterflies flutter in the tummy until the final walking down of the aisle has been done. Ofcourse I am not married and haven't enjoyed the fluttering. But I know. I know how I will feel when I finally walk down my path of roses!

You know how women are, right? They dream of weddings that will lift them to the 7th heaven and give them a fairytale. They dream of the impossible, workout like there’s no snooze in the alarm, watch some billion make-up videos, suddenly learn newer things,  their love for jewellery triples and the shortlisting of designer labels begin.

Wedding is not just an affair that lasts for 3 days or a week! It is a memory that we all live for a lifetime. It is one of those days when you wish eveyrthing to be perfect. Even if there’s a tiny rose petal falling on you, it should look classy enough to make you happy!

When you’re about to get married, shopping is the only agenda that stays put and rest everything is a blur. My friends and family want me to get married because they want to shop! Believe me on this!

I remember we took over 3 hours to finalise the outfit for my brothers ‘dulhan’! O let me tell you that it was the roka outfit!

‘Pink is too bright for the skin tone, the work on the red dress is a little gaudy, the beige looks the best but it is a little short’! The conversation continued while the sweet little girl took me along with her in the changing room and every single time, struggled to get in the outfit first and then get out of it!

Who said girls love shopping? Please note that we’re not doing an easy job darling!

Now there are types of shopping before you get married. Outfits that start with the roka shopping, moving on to the casual home shopping, the casual dinner with friends shopping, the slightly heavy shopping, the honeymoon shopping which includes beach wear (Thank God), the formal shopping, the festive shopping, and the list is never ending!

I am serious about the ‘Casual dinner with friends outfit shopping’!  

Can you Imagine? Ofcourse you can! The excitement and anxiety are at its peak and there are over zillion cities to visit. Unfortunately dreams don’t come true in one city! 

Let’s go to Kolkata, they have the best traditional at a decent price range; Bombay will be awesome for westerns; Delhi is like the hub for everything! These lines are ‘patented’! It is the copyright of every girl who gets married!   

Travelling takes up most of the time and leaves the bride-to-be exhausted along with the family members who tag along.

Ever wondered if there was a single platform that helped in making dreams come true?

Imagine a room full of lehengas from different designer labels; a make-up studio that's ready to tell you the beauty of your flawless skin; a jewellery corner that will make you feel royal and bride-like, giving you a shimmering experience; some heels and slings to model in flowey gowns along with the honeymoon beachy jewellery!

Too good to be true, right?

Not anymore.

I met two young love birds, who are making these impossible dreams come true!

Monika & Umesh, the co-founders of 'Sutraa- The Indian Fashion Exhibition', fell in love because they shared the same passion.

Monika was trying her hand with her first ever exhibition in Raipur, it being her maiden city, while Umesh visited Raipur for his exhibitions. That is how they met and love flew her to Kolkata!

Their dream was to provide the luxury and convenience of 'Wedding Shopping'! They wanted to give their shoppers an impeccable experience with brands and designer labels, affordable & gorgeous!

Soon they kick started with their dream together, and are now over 7 years old with 160 exhibitions in most of the major 2 tier cities.

'Wedding Sutraa' is not an exhibition where you'll see stalls of clothes stacked up to bore you.

It is more like a lavish and surreal 'Wedding Experience'.

A single roof with splashes of fashion and royalty merging in with lifestyle, a place where the bride will find everything and will feel like a princess who finally doesn't get exhausted, gets ample time for a manicure and can take the longest beauty nap!

At Wedding Sutraa you'll find lehengas you can twirl in for hours without getting bored; jewellery that will make you stare in the mirror and ask 'who's the prettiest'; where all your make-up queries will be taken care of with stunning professionals and much much more!

Whenever I dream of my wedding, I feel like a princess who doesn't want to run before it's midnight.

I want to enjoy every bit, I want to dance until midnight in the deep blue lehenga with some diamonds dangling in my ears, and when I run, I don't want to leave my glass slippers behind! 

Yes, I want an almost perfect wedding!

So save your 'glass stilettos' and don't be the 'last minute bride'!

Visit Sutraa -- The Indian Fashion Exhibition on 11th and 12th August 2017 at Courtyard by Marriott , Raipur where you'll see stalls full of dreams and magic!

Your Wedding Dreams will definitely come true under 'one roof'! .

If you're the sister, it's time to spoil yourself silly,

If you're a bride, it's time to feel like One!  

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Photographer: Shubham Jain

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