Run for Fun

Health is a very crucial part of our lives. It is not necessary to be thin with a perfect waist size and it’s totally okay to be a few pounds heavier. But it is absolutely essential to be happy. If you are not happy and relaxed, you’ll never achieve the calm that’s hidden in meditation. Some people love to exercise, get up early and run, whereas others start their day comparatively relaxed. And trust me; there are times when the one who are more relaxed and follow no routine lead a happier life.

I used to be very lazy 5 years ago, my life had zero discipline regarding my health; I had put on kilos my family thought I’ll never be able to shed and had become extremely lethargic. Till the time I was physically unfit, I was still fine, but the day it started hampering my mental happiness is when I realized something wasn’t right. It took me a year and a lot of patience, and soon I was happier, healthier and livelier.

No Age, Just Runners!

I mended my physical health with my mental health and vice versa. I don’t stress getting up every day, I don’t panic if I put on a few kilos (Okay, Maybe a little). But I know how to strike a conversation with my body and brain, and make them work together. For me the path towards peace and attaining inner strength was Yoga. That was my key to happiness. 

Whenever I took a drive to the airport for a trip, I noticed groups of runners or cyclers enjoying their mornings on the whole stretch of Marine Drive, Vip road and New Raipur. Some are seen running in groups, others just walking solo; some are laughing really loud giving themselves the therapy, and others are sipping a warm cup of tea. Also on my casual evening drives I have always noticed a man in his 50’s, walking calmly with his Mercedes following him.

The awakening that I witnessed in them electrified my spine and gave me an adrenaline rush. Suddenly the air felt fresher and yes, the grass looked greener, not just on the other side, but everywhere.

On my journey to find more of the greener grass I found a group called ‘Lets Run’. When I met the founder of the group with a couple of other members, for about an hour, I laughed. And what’s better than a bunch of people who can make you smile and keep you locked with endless stories. They were so enthusiastic, passionate and crazy. All of them loved to run and they had absolutely no cause. They ran because it made them happy.

Flaunting their Victory

Canal Marathon

Dr. Vinay Tiwari, the founder of ‘Lets Run’, is a foodie by stomach and a runner at heart. One fine day he decided to create a group where people could come and share the love they have for running. He wanted no boundaries, no rules, and no age restrictions. One common passion and a very big heart will do just fine. Not very slowly though, the group became bigger, and more such enthusiasts became a part of ‘Lets Run’.

The exercise chart is planned on a daily basis and the workouts take place at different venues, 4 days a week. On Sundays they have a longer run followed by a breakfast cum picnic where they eat and laugh and jump in the lake and soak in the beauty of togetherness. People are so passionate about running here that some run on a bruised leg and others run at night to complete the ‘6 day 6k challenge’ on time or for that matter any sort of challenge on time. 

And by the way, there are no gifts or a cash reward, the challenge is effortlessly completed by all the members for inner peace and their extreme love for running. Sometimes they go on impromptu bike rides and sometimes they just skip the running and hog. They have had 2 successful marathons in the city, a night run with neon lights along with music at the end, and they keep conducting ‘Runners high’ where all the enthusiasts can come and discuss their obsession and knowledge and their stories.

Happiness, Fun & Run- One Frame

People are finally coming out of their shells, understanding the hidden meaning behind fitness, and under one umbrella, all of them are learning to laugh more, and spread positivity.

Believe me, mornings may not be very welcoming, but when you are able to start your mornings laughing, you’ll unlock the mantra that’s embedded in the word ‘fitness’.

Staying fit physically and mentally is not a prescribed medicine, it is more like oxygen, without it, you don’t exist. 

You can join Lets Run and find your key to happiness. Find them on their Facebook Page and make your mornings beautiful!  

Photographer: Lets Run Group & Shreyans Shrishrimal

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