Tongue Twirly Affair

I may not be a 'connoisseur of perfect food' but most definitely I count myself as a 'hardcore foodie'! My nostrils start functioning at the aroma of delicious delicacies and my tongue twirls like it's very much in sync.

Boarding school made me crave for rajma chawal, kadhi and the crispiest potato patty. They still make me want to go back to school, once again, if at all that was possible. During my college and post graduation years I remember surviving on the world's best 'peanut poha'. I still miss Bombay for poha not rains! Delhi relaxed my taste buds with the best of momos and gol gappas and our much loved Chinese van which saved a hole in our pockets with their lip smacking schezwan noodles and manchurian!

Those were the days, such beautiful golden years!

Owner of a vegetarian tummy, my friends often thought I had lesser options as they believed I was missing out on feasting my tummy with the yummiest of chicken or fish or prawns. I bothered, not a drop.

Letting my tongue dip in the subtle flavour of coconut milk, I allowed my crazy inner foodie to enjoy the intricacies of thai curry, just as equally I savoured the taste of a perfectly baked crispy pizza with jalapenos, bell peppers and melted cheese topped with my beloved mushrooms. 'Add extra Mushrooms,' used to be and still is my patent order.

I believe food has this weird way of pressing the right button in the head. It straight away delivers the message to your brain and all you want to do is eat and enjoy and love, love what you eat, and love it a lot.

My 'fanatical drive' to find everything that's on my list of 'to eat' was a must, to caress my cravings.

I am the kind of person who'll ask for another bowl of hummus because well, one is just not enough. The flavour of those finely chopped chick peas with a gentle spray of olive oil and just the right amount of garlic. O, it makes my tongue twirl. I don't even remember how many times I have licked my fingers and neatly cleaned the hummus and schezwan bowls. I bet I have done a better job than that of a dish washer. Believe me.

Varieties of dips have always taken my heart away. They literally flatter me, I feel. I have dreamed of tasting every kind of dip that exists on planet earth. I saw my dream coming true when I met an enthusiastic young girl, who's quit her full time job as a web developer and now plans to send happiness packed in little jars labeled 'The Yummy life'.

Along with the love to experiment with ingredients and the perks of internet she wishes to make tongue swirling dips which will make your heart dance. The best quality about the product is that it is 100% organic and has absolutely no chemicals and preservatives and therefore has a shorter shelf life but is extremely healthy and delicious. I say that with experience. Shanul, the founder of the product, makes over 25 dips and sauces. Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian; you name it you have it. I found her product very convenient as the jars hold the perfect amount of dip and is nicely packaged. Picnic, Party or a sleepover, these are just flawless!!

No more worrying over the tedious task of making a dip. Host a party, call her, and get your tiny tasty jars the next day, right at your doorstep. Don't Worry. It is unbelievably affordable.

So, from sauces to thai curry pastes, from a lip smacking mango dip to a delectable bowl of tahini, you have it all.

Food is a part of your soul. It is so intricately woven that you'll have to dive deep inside to understand the beauty it holds and the pleasure you can derive out of it. Feel the flavours swivel on your taste goblet and let the aroma take you to paradise. Let's experiment and eat and love a little more...

A big 'Shout out' to all of them who cater to our hunger pangs. Thank you for pampering the many desires of our dearest stomach.

Get your little jar full of happiness at TheYummyLife!

And trust me when I say this, 'Just one Bowl of dip is never enough'!

Love it, Lick it, Yum it!

A Few Do's and Don'ts' to keep in Mind:


- Refrigerate it, if not consuming.

- Consume it on the given time period.

- Remember it has a shorter shelf life.


- Don't keep it over 3 days.

- Don't leave it in a dry or hot place.

Photographer: Shubham Jain

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