Some places are like home. Once you go there, you want to go there again and again. Be it the food, the ambience, the aura of the place, or the vibe, just about anything that pulls you like magnet. You make so many memories there, that you crave to visit it again, to smile and feel warm, warm like a cup of cappuccino.

When I visit Delhi, even at 5 degree, I feel warm, warm enough to melt butter! The place allows me to live, it makes me happy.

Have you ever thought why coming back home is always such a good feeling? Your home welcomes you and relaxes your nerves, effortlessly. Feeling at home is so important. Till the time you don't feel at home, you don't belong there, and if you don't belong there, then you don't feel that extreme happiness & satisfaction you're looking for.

Kagazkalam in conversation over Chai Shai!

Imagine if you walk into a cafe for a cup of coffee; the waiter treats you like you're invisible, you still get the coffee & the coffee is good, but somewhere inside you, you know you won't visit the place again.

Coming home is more like a comfortable couch, your favorites around, some good music maybe, food, and a mug of some really good coffee. Aah, that sounded ‘nirvanic’.

I am the kind of person who cannot stay at home as soon as the sun starts setting down. My evenings are absolutely important to me and I never let them die off a sad death! We, my evenings and I, like to live it by the watch, and seize every moment that we can.

For the love of all this and more, one fine day I set my feet at ‘Mocha’, and since then there’s been no looking back. Mocha is one such place that has helped me fill up my gallery, given me innumerable reasons to celebrate, sometimes cheered my mood with songs that made me forget my worries, given me enough to satisfy my hungry palate and enjoy the profound love that I have for Sheesha.

I love this place because it makes me feel alive, and at home. Have you ever been asked to give an unbiased opinion for a certain thing? And inside your heart you know you'll give a biased one? Some people, some places, make you do that.

Mocha is one such place for me. I am usually the honest one, but sometimes I have my ‘cheat days’ when I’m biased, fairly.

Kagazkalam hogging @Mocha

But today isn't a cheat day so I'll make an honest deal.

Mocha is launching its 'new menu', which rests on a wooden board nailed on sides, and believe me they have literally nailed it with the slurpy menu that they have on board now! We were invited for a ‘food tasting’, and had a ‘first hand hog’ experience which was mouth watering and sinfully fattening and looked stunning as well.

The way the food was served to us, with an extra effort of perfection, doubled our urge to eat and drink all of it.

Mocha's new menu's Freaky shakes

There are a lot of pop ups on the menu, which read ‘new’ in red. If you want to commit a chocolate sin, they have freak shakes which are irresistible with all that chocolate oozing out; Raw juices on the other hand will save you from the guilty pangs and keep the health freaks happy; if you are not in the mood for something heavy you can ask for ‘birbal khichdi’, just make sure you tell them to cut down the ghee a little and then munch it down with some pappad and pickle; Fried chicken basket is the perfect order for someone who’s lazy, it’s a replica of popcorn and crispy as hell; if you want the feel of dhaba ask them for dal makhani and roti or dum biryani, the way they serve it will make you ‘balle balle’; they also have Chakhna, a combination of three munchies which will stop you from complaining when you drink; Shahi tukda will remind you of your grandmothers sweet dish love whereas rasmalai cheese cake will make you blend traditions.

These are just a few that we have mentioned, for the love of food and cravings. The menu has options that will confuse you with what to order and not for both vegetarians and non- vegetarians.

Kagazkalam at the 'Food Tasting' at Mocha

Our favourite picks are the ‘Fudge Brownie Shake, it oozes out chocolate and the blend of the cream and brownie will take you to 7th heaven; Crispy Kanda Pao sliders are way too perfect, not too spicy- not too heavy, the dip will make you swirl your tongue twice; Khaw Suey is the absolute blend of noodles in coconut milk with subtle flavours, you’ll lick the bowl till the last drop. I did; and the Cheese Cake Brownie will make you feel like you can commit sweet sins all your life, the brownie melts on the tongue effortlessly.

There are Mocha’s all around the country, the owner of ‘Mocha Raipur’ has made every little-big effort to personally cater to the needs of their customers, polishing and fine tuning the way things work, and making ‘personal attention’ the priority. He has tried to introduce different things to Mocha, making the place livelier with ‘live band performances’ and ‘night bazar’ making the phrase, ‘you can do a lot over coffee’ come true. With an idea to create magic and give the city a new place to have a good time, Mocha has had a stunning journey by far.

Hookah Love!

This place has always been ‘my happy place’ and every time I feel like trying a new place, Mocha gives me a new reason of coming back again. Thank You! May this continue, and we all never stop making memories.

Remember I told you, some places make you feel ‘at home’. Well this is one of them for me!

Go and visit Mocha now! The soft launch of the new menu is today. Drown and drool, hog and hug, and make sure you go there with empty stomachs. One order won’t be enough to fan your cravings.

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Photographer: Shubham Jain

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