Eternal Treasure

Every little girls dream has been her mother’s closet. The swirly twirly drapes, those little big bindis, those bangles and the ever so glittery jewellery.I remember putting on mommy’s lipstick, her dupatta draped on me like a scarecrow, bindi on my forehead, her bangles too tiny for my wrist hanging halfway off my palms, her pretty neck piece the shine of which dazzled my eyes and her perfume.

Aaaah, that was one of my best games as a loner, trying to look pretty like my mother, role playing her most of the times.

I very strongly believe that a girl often grows up to be the reflection of her mother. And whosoever said, diamonds are a girl’s best friend should get a life time achievement award. This phrase has been used and reused uncountable times.

Back then a little girl, I always wondered, what's so special about these stones that formed a neckpiece, and why my mother kept it safe inside a velvet box, neatly wrapped. The sparkle they emit must definitely come from the sun, I mean what else shines brighter and makes you look prettier?

Smile comes first. And this definitely competes right in line. Little did I know then.

As I grew up into a fine young lady, I realized & understood the love these ladies have for their treasured jewellery. And like I said daughters are the reflection of their mothers, my jewellery buds resembled exactly to that of my 'pyari ma'.

The love for jadau & kundan makes my heart crave. Whenever mom gets ready I keep eyeing her jewellery collection & often tell her that when I get married I'll take 2-3 of my favourites from your collection to my sasural. She looks at me with a wide eyed grin and tells me to dream on! I know she thinks am joking, but wait until I go is what I whisper.

Jewellery has been a part of us since decades. Jewellery or so to say jouel to add in a little frenchy character, isn't just about diamonds. It is the beautiful explanation of our existence, the reflection of the colours of our soul.

Haven't you noticed how ruby is so perfectly red, reflecting boldness-love-blood-danger, the symphony of our existence. Or the emerald, which so subtly connects us to mother earth, its green is so lush. The sapphire on the other hand tells us to believe in infinity, just like the sky & the ocean, and the diamond tells us to be strong, the harder it hits you the brighter you'll shine!

Neckpieces, rings, mang tikkas, earrings, brooches and a lot more are just a beautified extension, made into fine pieces, to polish our very existence, to connect us to colours that define the exact meaning of our lives.

Imagine wearing a saree without a beautiful earring? Boring and bland, right? And mang tikkas these days have become the sexy style statement, you wear it with a jeans and crop top, and you'll look hot! Jadau is o so classy, no women can ever go wrong with them and well diamonds, do they ever need a description?!

Fashion keeps evolving, but gems have always been eternal. An investment our mothers have been making since times age old, and just like our ancestors passed it on to them, we carry forward the legacy.

For the love for these stunning stones & a sparkly life, I met Nupur Malani. This chirpy young designer started her label 'Jewels by Nupur S Malani' in July 2016, and since then there has been no looking back.

Her love for jewellery grew just like many of those little inquisitive girls, lost in their mothers la la land, awed by the beauty of those velvety smooth boxes with the treasure so eternal. Her grandfather would leave her in those tiny shops, and she would spend hours trying on pretty rings and bangles.

That's how deep her love for jewellery is rooted.

Her aim was to make the brand a one stop solution for all our 'jewellery cravings'. The jewellery is IGI certified & the stunning range of diamonds are GIA certified, keeping in mind the authenticity & value. From ethnic jadau to gorgeous uncut diamonds, from meenakari to gorgeous golds & diamonds; here you'll find everything.

Their new range 'Le Jardin', (the garden) will splash you with pastel shades of summer & spring connecting you to nature. It is inspired by Japan Enamelling & the designs will take you straight to the blossoming flowers in your garden!

The collection is so classy & stylish, you'll want to doll yourself up, over and over again. Believe me, I did the same.

The best part about them is that they give you the comfort & convenience of customization. Their jewellery is like a 2 in 1 treat for the buyers. You buy a dangler and use it as a stud; you pay for a ring and use it as a pendant. The changeable pattern is like a treat for all the jewellery lovers!

When women and jewellery are in sync, the world suddenly becomes heavenly, right? So go, dance your eyes through their collection, sway in the sparkle of golds & diamonds, treat yourself with some glitter, and feel beautiful!

Block your calendars and visit 'Jewels by Nupur S Malani' at 'Zone By The Park', on the 17th,18th and 19th of March, 2017 from 11 am to 9 pm.

Fall in love with the stunning display of some impeccable jewellery and keep your shopping bags ready, you wouldn't want to shush your desire.

Check out their Facebook Channel of 'Jewels by Nupur S Malani' to know more. For further queries call on: +91 8871025000

Photographer: Shubham Jain

(He is our Official Photographer. His team works tirelessly to cater to any genre of photography. To know more click on this Link)

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