Tales of Dry leaves & Spices

Grandmothers knew everything! From age old stories to lip smacking yummy Churans! They had the key to every lock. They made ‘home-made’ the living trend of their era and era’s to come. Maybe that is the reason why ‘Grandmother’s tales and recipes’ are so famous and have lived long enough to create history.

When I was little, I often tip toed to her room to find those tiny boxes hidden in her drawers. Her room was always full of yummy things. She used to spend hours in the kitchen. The rough terrace floor was spread with huge sheets full of mangoes, ginger, lemons; soaking sun and drying for the yummiest snack.  Huge bowls full of spices were mixed along with dry mangoes and dates; pomegranates, ginger and lemons; and some mouth watery digestives were made, right there, in her kitchen.

Dry dates Churan, also famous as ‘Chhuhara’, has been in every household. And it has been the ‘Grandmothers Special’. The aroma of spices and some spectacular combinations have made a place in the palette of every human being. Even today ‘Nani made’ Chhuharas come all the way from Patna, and call it the taste of love or whatever, nothing still beats the taste of it.

Food is one of the essentials in life but who can ever live without churans. It is one of the permanent residents in our households. After dinner, people always crave for something tangy, which in some way or the other, balances the taste of their tongue and the storm in their stomachs. Mouth Fresheners are a must! Have you ever snacked onto the sauf you get at restaurants after the meal?

I feel it should be added as a course in the meal. Because the way we all snack onto sauf and other mouth fresheners is just unbelievable. The finger bowls are gone, now comes ‘sauf’ and ‘mishri’, and for some sort of joy or love, I remember I carried it back in a tissue paper as a kid. Even today I love waiting for sauf, and the extended conversation on the dinner table in a restaurant is the perfect time to empty the bowl.

And restaurants that serve like a whole variety of ‘digestives’ and ‘mouth fresheners’ are my favourite.

Digestives have been here for a reason. They are made out of everything that’s natural. And have you ever heard that ‘spices’ can heal you in the best possible way. Dry leaves of every possible fruit are used to make yummy digestives that melt in your mouth forcing you to smack your tongue and make that ‘tapping sound’.

The constant obsession and my undying love for ‘Churans’ and ‘Mouth Fresheners’ , specially hajmola & imli, made me explore a lot as a kid. My family often made trips to Salasar to seek the blessings of the almighty, and there in those narrow lanes there were hundreds of tiny shops, with ‘churans’ you might never have even heard of.

And the best part was the ‘tasting’. They had little bowls of ‘tasty digestives’, which were kept there for us, and we were allowed to eat and smack to our hearts content. That is when I used to pick packets and boxes of Dilbahar’s Yummy Digestives, a company that is now 3 generations old and is still creating history!

Dilbahar was an idea that was conceived in one of those beautiful antique kitchens, long ago, by a set of brilliant grandparents in Rajasthan. Dilbahar is older than the decades we have lived and has been making Ayurvedic yummy digestives and mouth fresheners, carving a niche in the market.

The 3 directors, Mr.Vinod Kumar Bagla and his sons Mr. Vipul Bagla and Mr.Vaibhav Bagla who are the 3rd generation of the business idea, that set its foundation in 1964, work tirelessly to make their brand a part of each and every household.

With over 133 varieties of Ayurvedic yummy digestives and Mouth fresheners, Dilbahar gives every little big luxury to their customers. These yummies come wrapped in 3 sizes; miniatures, medium and large. I loved the wooden trays that look more like a stylish handy basket and are the perfect gift this festive season!

The trays are a pack of 8 bottles and 16 bottles, and the best part is that you can customize your own tray! I have finished all my bottles of lip smacking churans and betel leafed-mint crushed sauf’s  and I’m waiting to refill them! My favourites from the variety are many, but just to mention a few; Imli laddu (will make you wink), dilbahar mix (will make you munch nonstop), and anardana goli (the yummiest).

The workshop in Jaipur is extremely clean and hygienic and they give personal attention to the packaging and customer satisfaction.

So don’t wait. Order your customized trays and boxes of these delicious digestives and mouth fresheners. And make them the perfect gift for your loved ones this Diwali!

Relive the wonderful memories that we all have lived in some way or the other, inside our grandmother’s kitchens and closets and drawers, in those tiny boxes, swirling in the aroma of their spices and tales!

Let’s relive the ‘taste’ that was conceived to Live forever!

You can order your delicious lip smackers from www.dilbahars.com.

It is also available on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal as ‘Dilbahar Yummy Basket and Dilbahar Yummy Gift Pack’.

For corporate and bulk orders, you can directly get in touch on this number: +91 98280 80423

They are an addiction you wouldn’t want to crave less for!

Let’s Yum it! 


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