Blending the Classic

Vintage flair with a dash of elegance will always be in vogue. The tinge of sophistication with which each little thing evolves, evokes beauty of its existence. The softness of the fabrics, the fur that caresses your fingers, the fragrance of leather, and the minuteness embedded in each thread with the blend of two fabrics; all of this is flamboyantly combined to create magic.

We were invited to explore the exclusive leather boutique and understand the character each product portrayed. While the boutique was being set up for the final launch we got enough time to explore and eye the stuff that touched the soul.

Deeksha and Akhil Ahuja, the founders of Pelle Creations are launching their home brand at the Blu Spot Leather Boutique, and all the products are designed exquisitely by them. Pelle Creations has been a brand name for over 6 years now and through exhibitions and a good setup in the online market, the brand achieved success.

The couple then planned to spread their wings and give people an extensive array of Leather Products. Blu Spot Leather Boutique is the first elite Leather Boutique of the city which caters to high-end leather products.

From travel bags to chic slings, from styles that reflect the European taste to something that’s a blend of our traditions, from wallets to party clutches, from leather wrapped diaries to some eccentric ipad covers and office bags; from glossy belts to striking carpets and decorative products; from swanky stools to cushion covers along with a range of upholstery; you’ll love the beauties when they shine for you in the yellow light.

The Vintage leather bags and products are so classy to hold, the grains are smoothly snuffed and buffed;  the Oiled Leather products are a perfect blend, oily smooth but not greasy; and the one which made me fall in love was the Hair-On Leather, your fingers will want to stroke the velvety smooth stunner, again and again. 

The best advantage you can take here is the convenience of customization they provide to the customers. Let them know what you love most and how you want it, and you’ll get it exactly like you wish to.

The Showroom has been launched to cater to the many desires your heart holds for ‘fine leather’. For all of you, who love the hint of modishness the products embrace, this place is meant for you. 

Leather your way all Weather.

P.S - You can check out the collection on their facebook page Blu Spot Leather Boutique and can also visit the Showroom which is located at Waterfront, Near Fasttrack, Mezzanine Floor, Telibandha.

Photographer: Mukesh Vyas

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