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Mom made food never goes wrong! Somewhere that whole 'ghar ka khana' thing is still intact and connects us to being old school, deep down our very modern hearts.

Food is not just about eating something good. When we talk about food, the aroma, the presentation, the spices that go into it, the minutest of details (1 teaspoon salt & a pinch of hing & red chilly), and ofcourse the taste counts a lot.

Everything together makes it a 5 star edible delicacy where our hearts are content, and our stomachs happily gurgling a few burps & farts, signaling the affection towards really good food.I have always been a crazy 'poha' person. If I like a particular poha, I can live on it for months without complaining.

And I may eat dal roti at midnight after some heavy partying but I still crave for good cafes with a menu that should win my heart, not just by the looks of it, but by the content they make me chew & gulp.

My father is a total traditional at heart. You give him dal khichdi, and he's sorted with life. Even as far as dubai, he managed on dal khichdi and palak dal for 10 days, while my brother and I mapped cafe's trying out the best of Italian & Mexican (both in food & belly dancers), killer double apple sheesha, and some tongue-blowing mocktails and cocktails, al habibi!

With me, along with good food, the look & feel of the place matters a lot. If a pub will make me feel like am in a cafe, it's like killing my buzz. I don't mind the perks of a pub in a nicely done up cafe though.

Long back my friend & I, had gulped down many sangrias in a thin stemmed goblet, courtesy ladies night, & the delhi winters added to the 3 storey restaurant cum pub cum roof top cafe we were in.

That very day my heart craved for a place like this in my own city, and back then I had hoped my dreams wouldn't go down the drain.

Today, nearly 4 years later, I have placed my heart at this neatly done fine dining place, which connects to a pub and a party pad like Cafe OBM, Once in a blue moon. The whole zone is called Eat.Drink.Love- EDL

The name itself is so heart wooing that your heart will yearn to tickle the seconds of your watch, zoning out here with your friends & family.

The owners of this place Neelu Bhatia & Sankalp Agrawal are pretty much the party setters of the city. One cannot be judged by age because his heart is so young & well the other is defined as the ‘jack of all music’ in the city.

The launch of the new menu brought me here, craving nervously to what my tummy would be treated for. The scrumptious menu was very distinctively laid in front of me and the bonafide chefs served me 11 of the most profound delicacies to help me slurp with the desire that lies in good food.

The welcome drink had a dash of wine & the subtle taste of ginger soothed down the many cringes in my throat.The presentation of the food was so lavish & royal that I instructed my taste buds subtly to stay calm until my camera did its fine work.

One by one the cuisines started flowing in, and my stomach even though gave me signals of being full, my heart didn't stop. Now from the 11 things they served me from the menu, I almost loved 9 to be precise, and the other 2 missed the points cause I made them wait too long. 

You may think I am exaggerating, but you'll only know I'm not when you go & eat all of them. Specially the one's I am mentioning, make a note. 

The gupchup shots, with the perfect khatta paani & a dash of vodka made me go high high high. The presentation is killer! My most loved was the vol-au-vent filled with the perfect amount of stuffing & the choicest I must say, I finished them at one go. For people who love to munch with their drinks, I say, order this. Add on some kurkure aloo with sweet & sour chutney. Remember the kurkure-ness of the kurkure. If you have ordered this, make sure you take a break from chatting with your friends, cause this doesn't get crispier as it gets cold.

I am not a cheese lover but I am head over heels for their menu's cheesy selection.The Spinach Fate Fatiyara with feta cheese wrapped stylishly in a tortilla wrap will make you yum to another world. Also the cheese lovers will have an awesome time getting cheesy with the spinach & corn au gratin. Every bite will make you exclaim délicieux, a little french would be good for this french cuisine. Right?

If you're lazy you will love the fruit salsa & the tortilla chips (which are made in their own kitchen), and the kofta kham khatai, you'll be surprised of the many ways you can eat a kofta & enjoy its subtle taste.

For all the chicken shicken machli fry kind of foodies, the new fresh menu will only excite your adrenaline buds and add some tadka to your life.

I am not a typical non vegetarian but my most favourite was the crumb fried fish with tartar sauce. Every inch was perfectly fried & trust me, make sure you repeat the bowl of dip. You can lick your fingers and forget being classy. For the healthy eaters you can go in for the baked fish, but make sure you eat it right when it comes to enjoy the exact flavour, I missed doing that.

The punjabi dallers & all the undercover marwardis can hog onto the chicken stroganoff with rice, a European boneless dish. So you don't have to loose on to the class, the chamach katta works just perfect.

Last but not definitely the least, the truffle mousse. Make sure you keep your emotions in control, cause the sounds that will come out of your yum buds will make the others wonder, or maybe order one for themselves. So carry on!!

There are most definitely a lot lot lot of other things in the menu like the biryani & the dal khichdi we dig into after a heavy night of partying, along with their beer brand simba which will make you party hard all night. The sheesha now has become phenomenal, thank god for that, and by the looks of it, you'll feel like a mini escape to dubai amidst the sheikhs.

This place calms down the cravings of all. You can get your grandmother here for fine dining, your friends for a mug of good beer or just a casual solo lunch at the roof top cafe to get some 'me time' ! And I have just realised, solo lunches are mindblowing.

The new menu is up and running and believe me you’ll not complain. The chefs are chopping & grinding. So get up, don't bother if it's a weekend or not, it’s time to Eat, Drink and Love!

Check out their Facebook & Instagram Channels for more updates. Here’s how you can Map them! And for any further queries dial +91 91099 93104

Happy Hogging!

Photographer: Shubham Jain

(He is our Official Photographer. His team keeps trying different genres of Photography & until now we have only been proud of him & his team work. To know more check the Photographer section & his Instagram Channel)

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