An Affair with LuXuRY

When my father had gone to see my mother for the first time, my mom had cringed her nose on seeing his watch. She didn’t quite like the brand he wore as it didn’t match with her delightful royal taste.

While he was busy admiring her intelligence, she checked him out top to toe, fixing her gaze on his shoes, which looked quite dapper. This was back in 1987. We often say that luxury is an addiction, new and fresh.

But I strongly believe that Luxury is inherited. Our royalties adorned the most exquisite leather & silk; while Kashmir got us the finest pashmina; Gandhiji’s spectacle is a fashion statement which is going nowhere while Audrey’s cat eye glasses still woo many a hearts.

I remember when I was in college, I loved wearing big glasses. It covered half my face, but that didn’t really matter. I had to wear it because I loved how the ‘Cavalli studded sign’ sparkled on the sides. Moreover I felt awesome wearing my first ‘Cavalli’ and I loved it like a boss!

Even though I am not a ‘brand maniac’, once in a while, I just love the ‘brandilicious pampering’. Walking in those stores, feeling the elegance sprawled even in their carpeted perfumed cushiony couched stores gives my tummy some 30 million butterflies!

Honestly I was tired of flying to different cities with better shopping options. The desires were always too short lived, with suitcases breaking the scales of the weighing machine and the heart still not fully convinced & satisfied.

My wait for authentic exhibitions had become long due and those online sites on instagram selling fake Louis Vuittons, Burberrys and Ferragamos gave me some 1000 nausea attacks.

My desire to buy the iconic check of Burberry had lost its elegant essence somewhere in those loose untreated leather ,stacked recklessly on those Online sites, fulfilling many desires, no doubt.

Just when I was losing hold of all my Patience, I came across ‘LXRY- Museo des Marques, in Magneto Mall, Raipur. 

 The Owners of the store ‘Mr. Asif Iqbal & Mr. Zafar Iqbal have been in this business for quite a while, serving their customers happily. They are the proud owners of Swiss Lifestyle and 7 years until now; there work has been appreciated and trusted.

Their idea was to provide the convenience of ‘Authentic High end Luxury’ to the people of the city.

With the immense love and exciting response they received from exhibitions they organized with the high end brands, made them finally go ahead with the idea of making dreams of a shopaholic accessible a little closer to their doorsteps! 

And that is how LXRY- Museo des Marques was inaugurated on August,2017 and since then has saved a lot of flight bills. They have over 20 brands under their roof, with bags, shoes, stilettos, belts, wallets, shawls, shirts and more…

The store shines in its own beautiful yellow light, with racks of luxury displayed with a tinge of classic.

The sheen in the leather of the bags will whisper in your ears the true tales of royalty; and the smooth texture & the perfect stitch will make you believe that it’s not picked up from the pile of the rejected few.

The shawls don’t have those untidy threads hanging loose. They are soft and warm with trimmed ends and look just the perfect colour it is shaded in.

The sunglasses will make you fall in love! My personal favourite from the store is the auburn rimmed Bvlgari, I just loved how it complimented the colour of my skin.

At LXRY you’ll find all your wishes coming true!

From glittery clutches that’ll make you go weak in your knees to slings that are made for the perfect cocktail night; from shoes that’ll make men look hot to Jimmy Choos that’ll make women click clack a lot; from the classic check of Burberry shirts to the belts of Ferragamos shouting sexy loud; from YSL’s and Gucci’s to Prada and Dior; from bold pink totes to some fierce blue wallets; you name it, they have it!

While women are busy shopping luxuriously at LXRY, Men too can indulge in some enticing display of accessories! LXRY is a dream come true for both Men & Women who love to indulge in the classics. The collection at the showroom is personally handpicked keeping in mind the fashion diaries of the month.

Each product has a guarantee card that will tell you that it is genuine. You can also look up the catalogue and order the product you love.

So what are you waiting for?

The wedding season is here and it’s almost time to fill your ‘trousseau’ with lots of glitter! Warm your soul in their softest Vuittons while your bridesmaid dances in her high heeled Jimmy Choo!

Lighten the burden of your debit cards and let your heart fulfill its choicest and finest desire…  

Don’t Fall in Love, Fall in LXRY- Museo des Marques!

Brands Available: #Michael Kors #Tory Burch #Armani #Gucci #Jimmy Choo #Prada #Bao Bao #Celine #Fendi #Ferragamo #Versace #Stella McCartney #Bvlgari #Tom Ford #Bottega #YSL #Burberry #Valentino #D&G.

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook Channel and LxryMuseo Website for constant updates. They keep refreshing their stock and you’ll be awed by their collection each time! Please call on +91 99265 55322 for any personal query or order.

Photographer: Shubham Jain

(He is our Official Photographer. To know more click on this link or check out his InstagramFacebook Channels)

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