Online Market - A Dream Catcher

Shopping is not anymore ‘gender centric’. It is larger than that. Moreover it is most definitely larger than life. Be it a man in his 40’s or a 10 year old little girl, shopping somehow runs in the veins of human existence.

People find excuses to add another bag and swipe that ‘plastic money’ once more. Sometimes when I don’t know what to shop, I google mobile accessories and just for the heck of it, ‘Shop’! If I am starting to exercise, I want a nice track-pant with a ‘good looking’ bottle, and the perfect shoes. If I am planning to cook, I crave for good kitchen utensils, if I am planning to travel, I want really comfortable pajamas and if I have a really sexy blood red stiletto, I will might as well want a ‘little black dress’ to go with it. I have always been like this, since forever.

I shop so that I can calm down my cravings. And whenever I want to start on with something, getting the right gear becomes my mission. And for that I need to Shop. So even though I start walking a new path at the end of it I realize that I am back to square one; from Shopping to Shopping.


Just a couple of days ago when I was leafing through my instagram scrolling down pictures from my favourite shopping pages, I thought about millions of those pages which send us happiness on a ‘click’. Life has become indeed so easy. You hold your phone, open your instagram or facebook, or one of those million shopping sites which caters happiness online, select what you like, check the availability and order. In a week’s time and sometimes even earlier, it is waiting for you at your doorstep; not to forget the comfort of COD (Cash on Delivery) that most of them offer to their costumers these days.

I don’t have the comfort of variety shopping as I belong to a comparatively smaller city but ‘Online’ has been the ‘Boss’!

2 years ago I was looking for ‘Tiara’s’ and that is when I found her on instagram and her page read ‘GigilRigil’. Okay, I said. Having no clue of where the person is based out of, I placed my order for 6 tiaras and asked her the delivery date. She asked me for my complete address so that she could let me know how long it’ll take for the product to reach me.

And the next thing I know is that she belongs to my very own city and the tiaras were literally on my head after 2 days! That’s that. I thanked her for the lovely work, and giggled a little thinking maybe that’s what the name meant until now when she told me that ‘Gigil’ is actually a Finnish word which means to squish somebody out of fondness.

 And Rigil is her effort to find a longer name for her ‘Facebook page’ and courtesy rhyming. She thinks it is funny and weird to have found rigil, but I think it is sheer destiny as she has always been a follower of the Orion’s Belt- the three bright stars and her love for the stars found her rigil, which actually is the brightest star in the night sky. So even though she was looking for the perfect rhyme for ‘gigil’ she found her brightest star in ‘Rigil’, and that’s how we have ‘Gigil Rigil’!

Priyansha is one of those young girls, who took her own time figuring out her way, and now works as a full time Interior Designer along with following her passion of making ‘dream catchers’. She got the idea right out of a korean tv series. The whole concept of the ‘dream catcher’ is to spread positivity and happiness as the webs in it holds back all the negativity. It is an ‘art play’ of hoops, threads, feathers, lights, and a lot of colours.    

Today she sends her ‘dream catchers’ all around India and proudly boasts that she has covered each and every place in India.   

We as shoppers feel blessed that the hold of ‘Online Market’ is so strong that it not only makes lives easier but connects people from different places and makes them one big family. The zeal to make someone happy out of what you have is indeed wonderful, and small cities, or for that matter the ‘fastest developing small cities’ lag nowhere behind in this business.  

A ‘Shoutout’ to all the ‘Online Shops’ who allow us to stay in our comfort zone, and while we sip on an icy cold glass of ice tea, couched on our bean bag, surfing through the stuff, we just need to click order and smile until our stuff arrives. Thank you for saving us from the heat, the rain and the cold!

And well well, ‘I have shopped enough said no one ever’!

P.S: You can view the products and order what you love on the Instagram page of GigilRigil.

Photographer: Ravina Jain

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