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Home is the ultimate destination, heavenly and divine. You might be a globe trotter and love your wanderer life, but at the end of the day, the fragrance of your house gives you inner peace. We may crave for those fluffy 5 star beds and the lavish bathrooms, but even today, the coziness of our own room shelters us blissfully.

I have always believed that a home is a reflection of your soul. It is not important to own a big house, but it is extremely essential to own a house that is beautiful and spreads positive vibes. My mother has always been a wonderful home maker. However small a room, she’ll know how to keep it classy.

Our homes hold the most beautiful memories, some are hidden in a broken vase while playing cricket, and others blossom in the flowers whose seeds were sown, gardening with grandfather. Some candles were lit in the exotic candle stands while the joy of diyas added a rustic touch, the old school way.

Decorating your house is more like enhancing yourself. The joy you experience when you doll yourself up is exactly similar to the pleasure you’ll derive when you embed your wonders in the corners of your lovely abode.

Perfectly painted walls, with pastel curtains shadowing the windows; three huge decorative vases perfectly sized compliment the wooden planks; a gorgeous aroma diffuser sits calmly airing lavender; a few paintings adorn the walls and flickering lights emanate from the lamps; a definition which explains the meaning of a house that’s beautified from the soul.

People these days take an extra ounce of initiative and put in more than the required effort to make their homes look graceful, inside out. Home décor has become the backbone of every building that stands tall to look stunning. Like we desperately crave for a good dress, these days, obsessive home lovers are constantly on the lookout and are always pining for gorgeous decorative works of art that can add an oomph factor.

We were invited to the launch of one such obsessive showroom, where the hearts of the home lovers will definitely go for a toss. Initially I thought that it might be yet another ordinary home décor showroom with zero exclusivity and monotonous stuff, but they proved us wrong, fortunately.

Anju Agrawal, the founder of Kribaan, has made that extra effort and handpicked each and every item that flaunts itself on the shelves from Thailand.  

‘Kri stands for Krishna’ -‘Baan stands for Home in Thai’ and together they make Kribaan. A unique name which I believe defines a home where you can see a reflection of yourself or of the ones you love or worship.

From a calm Buddha that zones you to meditation to some colourful striking Thai statues ; from owl eyed candle stands to lamps that will shade your heart brighter; from delicate Thai handicrafts to potpourris; from vases with the finest intricate work to the handmade flowers that the locals of Thailand take 5 days to make; from funky vintage cars and cycles to classy wall paintings; from horses and beauties carved from mango wood to the trays made of real shells; from modern decorative products to accessories that can swank your office cubicle; you’ll find all that and more, and believe me, they won’t let you leave disappointed.

The products are carved perfectly out of wood, porcelain, ceramic, wood pulp, teak and mango wood. The one thing that won the writer’s heart was the exclusivity the showroom strived to maintain. Not one inch of the place will clutter your head and you can swiftly eye all of what you like with practically no drama.

For all the obsessive-compulsive home lovers, the showroom has launched and has got sparkly stars from the blogger. Go, set your foot and pamper your desires.

And remember, Home loves to get pampered too.

P.S -You can check out the collection on their Facebook page Kribaan and can also visit the showroom which is located at Govind kunj, Behind Krishna Adlabs, Samta Colony.

Photographer: Shubham Jain

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