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I miss playing with my kitchen set. The fancy one and the ones that were made of mud, 'mitti ke khilone'. The fanciest ones were full of jazz, they enlightened our curious minds and lighted up our eyes whereas the mitti (mud) ones connected us to our souls. My innumerable barbie dolls and stuff toys are now stuffed somewhere but the stories my mother told me are as fresh as the first few dew drops of the morning sky.  

I had a lot of toys. My room had a corner table full of stuff toys of the famous disney cartoons then, and every night the table was covered with a white sheet so as to calm my wobbly eyes, as I Iived amidst the stories of barbies who came alive at night because they have a world of their own and they like to chat and dance when we humans sleep.

It brings a smile while I write because our childhood was carved with stories of an actual fairytale and believe me it was as fascinating as it sounds. Stuff toys have always been every child's favourite companion, regardless of the gender. All of us had one of our soft friends accompanying us to sleep or in the train on the way to grandma's.

I remember my kitchen set, doctor set, a makeshift tent of quilt, blocks, dolls, really huge stuff toys- panda being my most favourite, books my mother read to me and a few video games like mario and car race. I think I was sorted with all this.

Little did we worry about the fabric it was made of or how soft it was, or whether the fur that’s shedding is safe or not. But I remember I wasn't allowed to take a few toys on my bed when I slept because it wasn't good enough to breathe around them all night.

We grew up well enough. Today as times have changed mothers have become super cautious about the do's and the don'ts, which isn't a bad thing at all. Organic has suddenly become the new fashion people swear by and toys have evolved like a tornado.

There are toys that can talk to your child, teach them the A's and the B's, and show them a 3D palace inside their story books! I believe toys are extremely important and hold a good value in a child's life. It is a lesson in its own existence. And even though it is a very good lesson, somehow knowing what to gift has always been a challenge.

Buying a gift for a kid has always been a jittery task for me. I somehow never managed to understand what fits well and often ended up buying clothes, and that monotony had become super boring. 

And just when my closest of friends started becoming brand new mommies, I met someone who had a magic wand which solved all my gifting confusions in a flick of a second.

Misha Gupta the founder of Misha's Creation worked really hard to change and alter the world around toys. A designer by profession she worked in Delhi for her own boutique, happily and successfully.

But soon she got married and moved to Bombay, and only when she became a mother she realized how important a toy was and from there on Misha's Creation was born.

Being a mother made her realize the safety measures that need to be taken care of, that even if you tell your baby 100 times not to take their toys in their mouth, they will do it the 101th  time, and only when her son connected to the toy star being up there in the cloud in a play-way method with his toys she understood that it was a good method of learning too.

Remember our fairytale stories? Imagine a toy that's made just for your stories!!

A wonderland where you can actually let your kids play with little red riding hood and the cunning wolf; where you can sing along the twinkle twinkle little star with the stars in hand, make them feel the mushy clouds and tell them where raindrops come from; where your child can weave stories around the elephants and the fishes and know that owls don't sleep at night, where you can recite them stories with the toys and give them their own to remember.

Indeed, a beautiful world that'll be.

It's always believed that kids connect to visuals very easily. If you tell them A is for Apple, they'll learn it. But if you show them an apple, they'll remember it forever. Her toys do that. And believe me, it took me back to my childhood stories where all I wished was to eat the chocolate house of the witch in Hansel and Gretel and collecting flowers with Little Red Riding Hood in the forest. 

The motive of her toys is to take you back to the good old days of tales. The toys are made out of organic fabric and they use a lot of pastel shades because kids as young as 2 months cannot recognize colour.

All the toys are very safe for the little ones as there are absolutely no chemicals and are machine washable. Don't panic when they try to eat it.

My personal experience says that I have recently become a maasi and I am filling in a goodie bag for my nephew. They have some amazing collection of animal shaped rattles, they won't make any sound but are super cute to cuddle.

At Misha's Creation they provide you the luxury of customization. You can tell them whatever you require and it will reach your doorstep in no time!

Let you child wander in the stories they create with their favourite toys, you'll be amazed they can write a book at their age!

Go grab some goodies now. Misha's Creation is an Online Shopping portal and will make all the online shoppers very very happy. Check out their Facebook and Instagram Channels to know more. You will also find their toys on First Cry and it will also soon be available on Qtrove.

For further Queries & Customization  Call on +91 90048 70041 or send Email on Mishascreation@gmail.com.

Happy Toy-ing and Happy Shopping!

Photographer: Shubham Jain

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