Ever since I was a little Girl, 'dressing up' was my favourite game. I was always fascinated with bows and frills and frocks. My mother loved dressing me up in those smocking frocks stitched by my grandmother and 'bow' my hair up with the prettiest colours. I didn’t know much then, but looking at the pictures now I do believe that mothers have this inborn knack of dressing up their babies. 

Mom loved putting a bow at the end of my plait, even though it didn’t really do the job of holding my hair together. She loved getting me colourful hair-bands and pins. Thankfully I never looked like a cake, but with a mom like her, I looked prim-prom, even at 5! 

Accessories are magical! They are like Fairy Godmothers blessings! You are never complete without it. That’s why the magic wand made sure it gave Cinderella a pretty hair band, a choker, a sparkly dress and ofcourse the glass slipper, all of which that swept the prince off his feet!

Kagazkalam getting Bow-ey! 

A pretty dress is never enough, unless ofcourse if it's a 'little black dress'. Styles have ramped in and out, polka dots have done their drama, but everything has faded after a while. Everything other than Bows. 

Bows have been here for the longest time and How! They have never ever walked out of fashion. Infact they have only evolved. 

The Victorian era when the princesses delicately adorned their golden tresses with vintage flowery bows, walking in with the prince bow tied with his crisp suit. Or the days when our plaits were adorned with ribbon bows, however oily the hair. Not to forget how meticulously we tried to lace our shoes in the perfect bow knot, I still obsess over the bow while wrapping a gift. Though the best memory of the bow comes from those days of Walt Disney, when the Bow of Mini mouse was the 'defining statement'and was followed by many kids, for the love of fashion and more. 

Have you ever seen something so obsessively available refusing to wither away? I definitely haven't.

KagazKalam adding in drama with the Bow!

When I was trying to understand why there's such a craze for bows, I found Sonali Khemani, the founder of 'Bow Bucket', a company which has successfully completed a year of its existence, making super beautiful jaw droppy bows, with prints that'll sweep your heart twice in a second.

She's one fashion obsessed girl who started her journey by making bows and bows and more bows, and surprisingly did it, just right! 

When her dreams of studying 'fashion' got restricted to the city, she half heartedly completed her graduation in B.Com, and focused all her heart’s desire on what she loved most, dressing up & designing which according to her dad was just 'cutting and sewing and making tattered clothes'! 

This was a year ago, and now if you ask her father about fashion, you'll know she's achieved her benchmark! 

From bow hair clips that jewel your hair to rings that match your outfit; from Bow ties that make men look dapper to delicate little bows dangling down your wrist adding a tinge of ladylike; from your tiny tots clipping cute little bows to the teenagers accessorizing big bows like a boss! 

Bow it up!

Bow Bucket is the one stop shop for all your 'Bow-ey temptations'! 

You want a bow, tell them how you like it, and you'll get it exactly like you dreamed for it. Each and every piece is hand-made, neatly and perfectly. Not a thread here, not a spot there. 

They also make stunning chokers which have been the 'talk-of-the-neckline' for quite some time! 

Check out their Instagram and Facebook Channel for all your Bow cravings. All the products are surprisingly affordable.

Men who need some suiting up advice can knock-knock because Bow Bucket is soon to launch something stunning. Follow them on the respective channels to know more… 

Photographer: Shubham Jain

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