Wok a Wish!

I remember going to birthday parties when I was a little girl. I didn’t bother about the gift, the return gift or the friends. All that mostly mattered to me was the food, and if the menu had noodles, well, that became the best birthday party of the year. 

The craving I have for noodles & rice is unexplainable. I still don’t precisely know when I developed such great liking for it. Maybe it has been passed on to me from my grandmother and her defined and exquisite understanding of taste.

I am not as perfect as her and I don’t cringe my nose to something I dislike. But for her, eating the perfect food is a necessity. And her favourite food is noodleg (noodles) according to her & manchurian ofcourse. She won’t even look up and talk to you if you give her this meal.

And whenever she comes down for a holiday, eating noodles and rice and Manchurian and everything that fits in for a Chinese cuisine is mandatory; our yearly ritual. 

So yes, I believe I don’t relish anything more than some perfectly blended rice or an exotically tossed box of noodles. Some of my friends even tease me for growing a ‘tree of noodle’ inside me because I am so full of it! (I WISH!)

Even though I am a food blogger, I hardly visit new places in my city. I have my favourite 5 or 6 and you’ll find me talking and chattering about the same places over and over again. Maybe change is the only thing constant but when it comes to food I am a little skeptical.

But like they say, change is inevitable,

….. and it came like a breath of fresh air!

Sankalp Agrawal & Neelu Bhatia co-own some of the most amazing clubs of our city. And now they have introduced WOKSTARS; a Hyderabad based franchisee which serves some lip-smacking Southeast Asian Cuisine, making the streets of Raipur fancier & tastier. 

I was excited cause noodles, and I was contemplating cause van! For me the experience of eating from a van had just been limited to Delhi but now ‘Hello’!

I think I was quite ready for the surprise element because I was craving for a noodle-rice meal and I was more than glad that it came in a ‘wok’.

I won’t deny that I was super confused. a) because I love noodles & rice. b) because there were a huge variety to pick from and I got excitedly nervous. And therefore I picked all. I thought I’ll eat all of it, bit by bit, slurp by slurp but I’ll make sure I have satisfied the ‘noodle-y’ desire of my tummy.

And I walked the yummy path, step by step!

 (Step 1: Choose Base/ Step 2: Add your favourites/ Step 3: Pick-a-Sauce/ Step 4: Toppings)

-My first order was the ‘Classic noodle'. I wanted to start with their most basic noodle because that’s usually the general taste. I added my cabbage & zucchini as my favourites, sauced it up with some happy wok and sprinkled some onion and garlic.For people who love basic and are not a lot in spicy sauces go for ‘happy wok sauce’.

-Udon Noodle will get a 3/5 because I may definitely vouch for healthy but wheat noodle is not for me. And specially ‘Japan wala’. But I still wanted to make me like it. Weird fascination with noodle. So I tossed in a lot of my favourite veggies along with chunks of paneer and really spiced it up with chilly rush. My ear threw out some smoke and my forehead was sweaty, but was it worth it? What do you think 3/5 is for?

-To kill monotony I jumped on to Sticky rice. Honestly, this was the first time I was trying sticky rice, all the way from SouthEast Asia. In this I added egg and beans as my favourites & because it’s already sticky I went in with a little bit of classico sauce and some onions and garlic ofcourse! (non vegetarians can toss in some chicken or prawns).  If you want to try your newly achieved craze for chopsticks, try it on sticky rice. It will help!

-Soba noodle is a whole wheat noodle and is the only healthy noodle that won the swirl in my tongue. It was smooth, slithery and yummy! My wok box was full of veggies and was drenched in ‘bean me up’. The yummiest and ‘mirchi wala’ sauce.

-Sella rice & Brown rice will be the usual orders and you can play along with the veggies and sauces and make your own favourite.

-Jasmine rice will always and always be my much loved order. The aroma it has to it, the way your tongue will fall in love at the first munch, the taste and the traditional flavor it has to it even without additions! O, it is love! For the sake of my love for Jasmine rice, do try.

    Please note: I added roasted peanuts & magic powder in almost all my orders. If you don’t  love peanuts atleast don’t miss out on the magic powder.

This awesome menu has launched and is full of surprises. Along with the Wok boxes there are variety of starters you can order, both vegetarian & non vegetarian. If you love Manchurian with a desi twist, you must order Veg Bullets in Manchurian sauce!

Also, there are Nutritional boxes. All the health freaks, are you reading?!

They’ll soon be launching the exclusive menu for Raipur which will have Salads, Cold pressed Juices & Baos.

From the most exotic vegetables to chickens, prawns, lambs and fish; they have everything tossed in an affordable box of yum!

My cravings have definitely been taken care of!

What are you waiting for?

Go visit them now at Shankar Nagar Main Road, and experience the delight that’s hidden in the aroma of the magnetic spices.

Call for directions- +91 9109993103

 Photographer: Shubham Jain

(He is our Official Photographer. To know more click on this link or check out his Instagram & Facebook Channels)


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