Reeling The Real

Pictures take away your heart in the most blissful form ever. The moments that you live rejoicing and dancing in the realm of a life filled with abundance of love is captured in a photo which in turn lets you relive those moments, again and again for the rest of your life.That is the beauty of this incredible device, camera! If I was granted a wish to add another organ to my body, I would plead God to fit a camera in my eye, afterall a camera is a reflection of the 'human eye'. The beautiful perks of cocooning all your memories in a safe place where you can visit them again. O such a delight!

Technology has taken a leap over a couple of years and photography has become a rage. Every one craves to be a photographer in their own artistic little ways. In the early years, memories were brushed in canvases, then came the camera in the most rustic form, where the concept of dark room and our favourite Kodak came into picture. The art play of lights and reflections forced some geniuses to invent something extraordinary and make lives easier and hearts happier.

Today, Photography has become an art, a legendary definition of life. We cannot fit photography in a single basket, there are varieties and genres and multiple facets to it.

From the days of the famous studio photography to today when people have absolutely fallen in love with outdoor shoots; from having phones that had no camera to the invention of a ‘selfie’, a fashion that’ll never fade; from hiring a photographer for a Wedding to the discovery of ‘Pre-Wedding Photography’, ‘Kids Photography’ ‘Maternity Photography’ and more. Photography has evolved majestically. Professionals have played artistically with innovations and have strived to strike the perfect lights for an awesome result.

Sway your hearts, and leaf through the effortlessness of each photographer, the vibrant sheen that’s reflected in their pictures, how they realized their love for the lens, what made them follow their passion, and how after each shoot their heart skips a beat for the most exotic invention ever.

The photographers listed below are experts in all the genres of photography, but have been put in different genres, and are precisely the 'blogger's favourites'.

Wedding Photography

In only a couple of years he has won over a million hearts. Mukesh Vyas, the founder of Snapster Studio is my personal favourite for taking mind blowing wedding shots. He is a master of all genres but I give him tops in ‘Wedding Photography’. Be it the heavy hearted mother of the bride, the naughty friends of the groom, the fun element in the haldi ceremony, the first kiss in the chapel in Greece, the intricacies of the traditional Indian bride, the loud and crazy baraat, or the eyes of the groom and the bride speaking volumes; he gets it all, and gets it right, in his lens.

His obsessive-compulsive love for the camera helps him succeed. To capture your ‘forever moment’ is an eternal gift, a fairytale wrapped up, so that you can live it over and over again, and we believe, no one does it better.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre Wedding shoots have become the new ‘fashion statement’ these days and KK Photography will make you drool. From working as an assistant photographer and playing with negatives in a dark room to having his own company, Bunty Wadhwani, the founder of KK Photography, escalated his way up, with his younger brother Avinash Wadhwani following his footsteps. The duo with their team create magic and have counted me in as their number 1 fan, especially in Pre Wedding Photography. I loved their choice of exotic locations; the merger of the sky and the sea with the vastness of greens, the woods and its wilderness. The concepts they create, the fun element with a dash of romance, the make-up artist benefits and the absolute classy shots as their end result will blow your mind. Looking for some enchantment, get them to shoot your Pre Wedding Film, they’ll dazzle you, I Promise.

Candid Photography

Whenever I have seen a camera I have craved for a candid shot. I would always hate when photographers made me pose. Natural was always my thing. When someone captures you in ‘your moment’, they gift you a blessing, that you treasure all your life, and whenever you look at that picture, you relive that very moment, for over a million times and more. Shreyans Shrishrimal, the founder of Wedding Gatha, made me fall in love with his candid shots. The flavor of romance is so raw in his pictures; you’ll literally feel like you are living the emotions, live. The smile, the bubbly cheer, the intricacies of the ceremonies, the beauty hidden behind the sentiments are perfectly framed and are so gracefully shot, you’ll keep falling in love.  Everyone can give you a ‘perfect picture’, but hats off to the ones who can give you shots that force you to ‘live’ once again!

Maternity Photography

Capturing a ‘mother-to-be’ is the most eternal gift. The beauty she adorns inside her is a jewel that is priceless. Ravina Jain (Ravina Jain Photography), a young photographer, treaded the path of photography initially by clicking random selfies and objects and people around her to actually realizing that she loves the camera and the countless emotions it allows you to capture. She then escalated her way up to ‘Maternity Shoots’ and made it her most favourite genre because motherhood is the most wonderful phase of a woman’s life and that is when she looks impeccably beautiful. I love the shades of romance she sprinkles between the couple, and with very little props she brings in the excitement of the ‘parents-to-be’, in her lens. 

Kids Photography

Passion struck his chord very young and since then he has been experimenting with the camera. Shubham Jain (Shubham Jain Photography) loves to capture the myriad expressions of kids. A tough job to crack at first but with his zeal and fascination for photography, and with the help of a few songs and toys handy for the kids, he soon got the drill, and became a pro. His shots are so eye-wooing and irresistibly adorable, you’ll not want to miss being in his lens. I am in love with the quirky props he works with and the lovely concepts he comes up with each time. It is simply a delight for the parents to have the memory of their little one captured so marvelously. Waiting for your little munchkin to pose? Wait no more!

Fashion Photography

Glamour is one word that sweeps everyone’s heart away. Lights, Camera, Action! Your life is loud and dramatic and princess like. But the struggle and hardwork that goes behind the lens of a ‘Fashion Photographer’ isn’t much of a ‘cake walk’. Everyone these days love to be either in front of the lens or behind it. Harshit Purohit, (Harshit Purohit Photography),opted to be behind the lens and made Fashion Photography his forte. Glamour wooed his soul like nothing ever did. He fell in love with the camera in college and initially to fulfill his luxurious taste he started taking professional projects to finally being ‘Glamour Struck’. I admire the rustic locations he opts for, with bold shades that stand out and make the picture look magical and dramatic.

Pay Per Hour Photography

The name is enough to grab your attention. Unique concepts always please my soul to an extent even I can’t word out. Sanjay Suryawanshi, the man behind this brilliant concept, Pay Per Hour Photography, is just another camera fanatic who realized that he should move beyond the ‘likes’ he gets on his flawless shots, and make photography his passionate profession. From birthday parties to small-big events; from weddings to maternity; from zooming around the city to the gaze of a puppy, tell him to shoot, and he'll smile and capture. He believes in not restricting himself to one genre, and therefore you’ll be happy to call him on hourly basis and he’ll be happy to help, with as many pictures you can pose for. The tinge of rawness he leaves behind in his photographs will make your heart dance.

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