Crafting Drama

Living in a family where almost all my aunts and sisters have the knack for craft, I come out as the single odd one out who cannot draw a straight line without a scale. Yes! We have artists and crafty souls in our family who'll sketch like it's a dream come true, and I, well, I happily applaud and write. The simple art I am bound to master at.

I may not be an artist by strokes but I definitely love everything that's beautiful and quirky with splashes of loud colours or minimal intricacies with graffiti's shouting the drama 'out loud'!

Why put a simple wall clock, when you can hang in something that'll make you keep a track of time again and again? Boring jackets are not even a fad. They are a disaster for every season. And gone are the days when we matched our pillow or cushion covers with our bedcovers.

KagazKalam Flaunting Chaarpai's Designs

We quirk up according to our moods and moods, they swing a lot. When I was little, I remember pilot pen and parker pens doing the crazy rounds in the market, with simple notebooks.

Stationary meant, natraj pencil and eraser, cello ball pen and a very simple neatly lined notebook. Today, stationary means 'fashion statement'. Your diaries should be classy, your pens should talk about your personality, and everything that's with you, should add in a lot of drama. Good drama, not loud.

I may not be 'fashion obsessed' but I do like the prim's and the prom's. For the love of art and the happiness I derive out of everything that looks 'o so beautiful', I found out one such crazy crafter on 'Instagram', 3 months ago.

The name 'Chaarpai' did all the magic. I had to halt and scroll, and when I did that, I couldn't stop. Aditi Lunkad, the founder of Chaarpai, shares the same state as mine, just different cities. And that was another reason to get me all excited.

A dream of converting budding ideas into beautiful tangible products, flapped wings in the head of a young girl, curled up around her window some 3 years ago. After graduating as an interior designer, she put all her talent and heart into creating her own brand, where she used the skills of graphic designing into making remarkable, heart wooing products. 

With innumerable fans and exhibitions all around today, I believe she's made her presence felt. Her aim was to start on from making quirky furniture's, but soon she expanded the variety of products as she couldn't calm her desire of making more and more of those little big 'beautiful things'.

The love for bright colours helped her make her statement right and from thereon began the journey of ideas flooring and sprawling into hundreds of items that people all around loved and adored.

I found the work very neat and intricate. It has a lot of colours and will give you flashbacks of the Victorian era at times. You'll feel like a princess with your minions holding onto those 'floral trunks'. The jackets are full of character, and the clocks do all kinds of drama. The 'girl boss' products will suddenly want you to make a difference and change the world, or maybe just shop a lot.

From accessories to stationary; from jackets to boho chappals; from chairs and tables to trunks, trays, lamps and clocks; you'll find everything worth the cost.

It's okay to be calm and composed, I agree. But I cannot agree more, it's much better to be 'Drama'!

'Chaarpai' is an online store and has done many exhibitions in Bombay, but this time, we are happy to announce that they'll be displaying in Raipur at a Community Bazar (know more) on 22nd -23rd Oct 2016. You can check their 'Instagram' channel to know more.

Are your purses talking to you already?

Get there and buy some beautiful drama!

PhotographerShubham Jain

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