Snoozing in Wonderland

Have you ever been to a place where you have wanted to buy everything that’s there? Has a place ever made you feel so elated with excitement, that one floor just doesn't seem enough.You look at one thing, slightly side eyeing the other things that are so magnetic and tempting that you cannot resist but hop from one place to the other, from one object to scattering yourself everywhere.
You enter that place with a strict agenda and a to-buy list, but your shopping bag, will definitely explode once you are on your way out, because your ‘to-buy’ list will go down the drain.
I remember when I was in school there was a shop, some half a km from our schools gate!

That shop was fancy, jazzy and exciting. It had so many things for every occasion and was the one stop shop for us. Be it friendships day or valentines, be it a birthday or an all the best before an exam; this place had everything you needed. Once we entered the shop we knew we weren't just buying only what we had come for.

I have very fond memories of the Disney Land in Hongkong. The shops there were so captivating and crazy that my heart o la laad at the site of beautiful goodies, and with each step I took, my bags grew heavier and my heart happier!

Some places do that to you! They don’t restrict you with a number, a gender or any other specifics. A kid will be equally excited to shop in there and make it their wonderland just as a 60 year old would. They’ll make you feel at home, and they’ll make you happy.

Just when I was searching for a wonderland, I met Shreyans Sukhani, the founder of Tamraktu. He left his college midway to start something of his own, as business and mundane wasn’t his forte. But time had something else planned for him & therefore he worked with his father in his food product business for 7 years. Well I’ll call that a ‘golden experience period’ for him.

Since then until now, he has two workshops and a Huge 3 Storey Showroom called ‘Tamraktu'. The two workshops, one for glass products and the other for wooden products & murals, is where he himself designs Stunning Wooden Lamps & also Moulds liquor bottles into home décor products.

The idea was to bring all the quirky brands under one roof and Tamraktu was the very first tinge of quirkiness in the city. The brand is now 2 years old and has had tie ups with Ek do dhai, Happily Unmarried, Chumbak, Poppadum Art, StyBuzz and many more.  

When I enter the 3 storey showroom I suddenly hit snooze. You know, not the kind of snooze when I want to sleep more, but the snooze which lets me stay more. I have always gone there with a clear picture of what I want to buy, and have without fail came out buying more than what I required.

From Kitchenware products to quirky salt & pepper sprinklers; from funky runners to mugs that will force you to have more coffee; from knives that will cut the perfect cucumbers to lemon squeezers that will make you cringe your nose; from funky t-shirts which read out ‘Abb rulaega kya pagle’ to boxers that’ll turn on as soon as you turn off the lights; from cushion covers that say ‘I love you’ to the others which pull the lovers like magnet; from wall clocks that’ll add a little subtle to lamps that’ll make your night sparkle; from mindblowing shot glasses to some very vintage cigars & vapors; from speakers that’ll make you dance all night to some kickass garden lamps with speakers that’ll serve you some two in one benefits.

Also, for all the ‘head over heels’ ‘Madly in love’ kuchi kooers, the month of love is knocking right under your nose. The store is overflowing with mushiness and a tinge of naughty! Some kinky couple games will drive you nuts whereas beautiful heart wooing messages will make you fall in love, once again!  

This place has it all! You name it, and they’ll help you buy it.

The best thing about this place according to me is the pricing range. They have products under every price range, and therefore it is like the shopper’s paradise.

Even though Tamraktu never lets me control my urge to shop, very fondly destroys my ‘to-buy’ list and burns too many holes in my pocket, it is most definitely my Wonderland.

So do not wait, go and visit the 3 storey wonderland, hit snooze like I do, and fill in some quirk in your life.

Check out Tamraktu's Facebook Channel & Instagram Channel to know more. And visit the showroom following the Address. For any other assistance here's the Owner's Phone Number: +91 8818 888813 

Photographer: Shubham Jain

( He is our Official Photographer. Check out the Photographer section to know more)

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