Adorning Sparkle

Have you ever felt like feasting on the soap you’re bathing from because it smells so tempting? Or have you tried to brush your tongue on your lips over and over again because the buttery tangy taste of the lip balm isn’t enough, just once?

I suffer from this every day, something I term as the ‘OCD for things that are meant to be ‘applied’ but are fragranced so beautifully that you want to gulp them down your throat, all at once.

I am one blessed soul with a clear skin and therefore have never suffered from the teen years of breakouts and have very conveniently ignored the ‘clean and clear advertisements’ which highlighted a pimple has a larger than life issue!


But my love for fragrances have grown with each passing second, and I have overloaded racks of body wash and soaps and lotions amidst which I feel like am being cherried away in a plumkin chariot to a world of full of strawberries showered with lilies and daisies and roses! Such buttery feeling is way too exotic.

Sometimes people ignore the skin care routine, which should be an essential, not just for women but men as well. We are so busy in the daily rush of life that we often soak ourselves in dust and forget that our skin needs to be pampered right and taken care of on a routinely basis.

A lot of us love the exclusivity and variety that a range of products bless us with but all of us somewhere or the other, deep inside our hearts, wish to follow the ‘grandmother’s style’. They never suffered pimples, their skin was flawless, and they never had ‘Forest Essentials’ to do the needful.


A little bit of almond, raw milk, some honey here and there, and ‘Tada’! Home remedies age back to ancient history and they still look fresh and young.

For the love of my skin and much more, I met one such young girl, Sneha Desai who’s a crafter at heart but also loves to experiment and make skins glow. One day when she was specifically concerned about her skin, she made herself a face pack and a scrub. Applied it on her face to get an idea of how it would work, and after ten minutes of intense waiting, her skin glowed and looked flawless. Then on, her family became her favourite model, and with each skin care product she created their skins were made to experiment and test.

And did they love it? So much that she’s soon to launch her Body Care product range Adorn Me under her existing brand name, ‘Adorn, which is an established Craft hub. From someone who’s experimented studying BBM in college and CS and interior later as her diplomas, she’s come a long way and taken a leap to follow her passion along with her career.

With the journey that started with experimenting her artistic skills went on to making skins sparkle and make people look beautiful and fresh. Her products don’t support the ‘your skin will become fair’ mantra at all. She focuses on making ‘Skin care’ an atmost essential routine that should be followed by every individual. All her Skin care products are organic with a twist of her secret ingredients and are absolutely made with love.

The body care product range helps maintain your skin tone and protects your skin from blemishes and pigmentation and support ‘All Skin Types’. So if you see ‘Adorn Me on the rack of your best friend’s bathroom, you don’t need to ask her, ‘Is it meant for oily skin’? You can just pick it up, and use it without the fear of side effects.


The Range includes Scrubs, Fragranced Soaps, De-tan pack, Face Pack, and Lip Balms which also act as a foot softener. Some seriously tempting two in one bonus that is!

All the products have been tried by me, so I can vouch for it. The body care range can be used on a daily basis without the fear of overdoing. A lot of times I felt the urge to eat the products because they smell so irresistibly wow and therefore I promised to eat before I scrubbed myself, so as to control my temptation pangs. You too can keep this mind.  

KagazKalam flaunting 'Adorn's' craft product range which includes Boxes ,Trays, Vintage Albums, Cards and much more.

You can buy the Body Care Range and the Craft Range from the Instagram & Facebook Channels of ‘Adorn’. If you have your trial temptations for the Body Care Range, you can DM the owner for mini trial packs which are irresistibly affordable.



  • Pack- 1 Tbsp
  • Milk- 1Tbsp
  • Rose Water- 1Tbsp

Add a dash of lemon if it suits your skin.

Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse with luke warm water & moisturize well. 


  • Pack- 1 Tbsp
  • Milk- 1 Tbsp
  • Rose Water- 1Tbsp
  • Honey- 1 Tsp
  • Add honey only if it suits your skin

Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse with luke warm water & moisturize well. 

Photographer: Shubham Jain

(Visit his Instagram & Facebook Channels)

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