Sprinkling Confetti

Birthdays or any sort of celebration has always always been special for me. Any amount of ‘always’ will not justify my craziness & excitement. I miss those days when my house was full of chitty chatty kids and the walls had colourful creepers (atleast that’s what I thought streamers were). Balloons of all shapes and sizes flew from here and dangled there, ‘mark the tail’ was one of the trademarked games, and there was always a theme. Sometimes it was ‘Pink’ & ‘Blue’, keeping in mind the gender, and most of the times it was picked up on our favourite ‘disney character’.

I loved it. I loved everything about it then, and I love everything about it now! Infact I love happy occasions. I love how everything is so beautiful. Suddenly a very ordinary looking place is transformed into a surprisingly magical land where you can imagine chocolates growing on trees and a cloud you can walk on! Okay, this maybe my exaggeration of stunning looking parties.

Baby Showers & Bridal Showers are trending these days along with mindblowing Birthday Parties. If we pick something from our roots or to say traditions, we have been celebrating a baby shower since decades in the name of ‘Godh bharai’, where ladies sang the age old tales, the house was fairly decorated, there was good food with some lipsmacking desserts, a lot of dancing & singing all around and all the family members were invited to bless the mother-to-be with immense joy & love.

But because change is the only thing that’s constant, we have had a wee bit of classier twists in the celebration. The roots are still intact with a splash of modern. The decorations are swanky, the look and feel of the place is designed with the minutest of details taken care of, the choicest of colours are opted for, and the décor speaks for itself. Once you enter the venue, you know what you have come to and what for.

I remember, some 2 years ago my cousin was getting married and I had to do something in the name of a ‘Bridal Shower’ for her. And because I was only meant to write, my creative skills had about 100 mini heart-attacks.  

Quickly I planned a ‘sleepover’ for her, where anything from cute shorts to fluffy pajamas’ could be worn. The corners were stacked with a ‘nailpaint corner’ & ‘junk corner’ and all the walls adorned our pictures, good old memories. And last but not the least, the whole room was lighted up with ‘fairy lights’ – my all time most favourite savior. When she entered we played ‘Hey soul sister’, not caring much about the rest of the lyrics, popped open our poison, and lastly, she cried.

This is the closest I have come to an almost ‘perfect bridal sleepover shower’, if that means anything at all.

Kagazkalam posing for Gluck's Photoshoot setup!

I have always been perplexed at the complexities an ‘event team’ goes through. And the most serious question I have had is, ‘How do they manage to transform a room full of nothing into a real living magical paradise?’

On one of my usual evenings, I went to my favoruite café in the city and it was dolled up for a birthday party of a baby girl. Since the place couldn’t shut before time, the event team left their decoration up for the evening. That evening I sat under colourful paper lights and my obsession for my unanswered questions grew stronger.

That is how I met Gunjan Golechha, who’s an Engineer by profession & an Event Designer by choice and love for everything beautiful & pretty. The realization of her dream happened when she designed the concept of a Fashion Festival in her college, and that event was rated to be the best event in 10 years and from thereon she flew to Switzerland, to get more exposure & understanding of hospitality.

She’s now a founder of Gluck and Sweet Nothings, where she designs stunning  Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Birthdays and whips and bakes some delectable goodies herself. I must say the swiss lessons turned out to be sinfully yummy for all the sweet tooth lovers! 

At Gluck they never repeat a theme. Everything is designed and thought of from scratch, keeping in mind the intricacies and beauty, the warmth and personal touch.

Kagazkalam flaunting the goodies. Her favourite being Brookie.

Her team here comprises of single mothers, and multi task doers. Her aim is to appoint those who are in need and since her team keeps evolving, she teaches the basics to her team, all over! From someone who never wanted to work to having her own company, fighting all the societal oo’s and aah’s of an out of the box career, she has come a really long way. 3 years and counting.

The heart of Gluck beats on two principles; Love & Happiness.

Their personalized Balloon Bouquet and ‘Dessert Corner’ called ‘Sweet nothings’ are most definitely winning more hearts every day. 

God alone knows what I will do with my diet.

Sweet Nothings are full of jars, cupcakes, brookies and tea cakes. The jars will bid your diet a sinful goodbye with all cookie pie-y flavours, the cupcakes will not let you stop at one, and the tea cakes will make you feel like you’re basking in the London sun with some black tea and a hat. But Tiramisu Brookie won my heart by 100% points, cheese brownie coffee and what not layered into one heavy dessert. It was like a meal for me!  

Don’t forget to check out their Groom/Bride/Brides Maid Kit, Baby Announcement hampers, In-Room Wedding Hampers, Gourmet Hampers & Gift boxes. They have stunning goodies in there with my most favourite personalized passport holder. They also customize according to your requirements, just keep in mind to let them know 15 days prior to your date, for perfect results.

And because Gluck means love, luck and happiness, the team always leaves a trail of surprise for their clients.

I love fairytales and even though it might all be mystical, I believe it to be true. And what’s better than someone who creates those. It’s like Confetti, just a little more of them!

Go check out their Instagram & Facebook Channels and let them design your story for you!

Photographer: Shubham Jain

(He is our Official Photographer. Check out the Photographer section on the blog to know more)

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