Sugar Rush, Candy Crush

Desserts are such life savers. If there's 'not so good' food in the buffet, I lurk around the desserts corner. And 9/10 times, I get mostly 2 to 3 picks to fulfill my needy stomachs desire. No food is good enough when there's a sweet-tooth craving to desperately devour the goodies. 

The aroma of a freshly baked cake, the beauty of Hershey's syrup hugging the fingers, the sweetness in the cream, and melted chocolate twirling in the tongue; it is beyond divine. I love how swiftly we can cut through the blue berry and cream and cheese and crust, and together when it touches the palate, 'mascarpone cheese says hello', and that is by far the best hello on earth. 

I am not a huge fan of chocolate, but I can keep my heart on the plate for 'red velvet's' & 'cheese cakes'; and since the time I have moved back to my city, my cravings have been left uncatered. Most of the times there's all cream with not even a tinge of red velvet, or cheese in the cheese cake. I keep swimming in the fondant & cream whereas the cake never touches my heart. 

The Divine Mess 

I am the kind of person who licks the remains of the chocolate sauce, and get hypnotized by the aroma of brownies. The home made cake by my mother is still my hearts most favourite dessert. Nothing can ever beat that. 

Our best gifts from bombay, even today, are a box of Mad over Donuts & Theobromas Red velvet pastry. We ask for nothing more, because 'more than enough' is the perfect feeling. These boxes are more precious than the precious. Cravings are such integral & essential parts of our emotional wiring. Till the time we don't 'treat' them, they patiently make us the patient of our own desires. 

While I was Craving & sighing for some red velvet, I was gifted a pink polka box of cupcakes, real red velvet cupcakes. They were 'dessertgasmic'. If that's even a word! 

I wanted to find this person who could fan my red velvet craving and that is how I met  Mehak. After a lot of head banging with banking finance, she finally flew to Canada to become a Culinary Chef. Her love & specializations lie in Italian & French cuisine, but she's driving people mental with a lot of sugar rush! 

Mehak Creations, a small little pink corner in the city, isn't like the usual retail bakery shop where you'll find 'ready to pick' cakes. Here you'll get everything fresh on order from the baking to the icing to the beautifying of the cakes & cupcakes. Try challenging her with the designs in your head, and she'll surprise you with mindblowing results. My favourite is the 'glass painting cake' which looks stark real. Her designs are intricate & neat, and the finishing is marvellous. The lipstick on the cake actually looks like a replica of the real, rather than a black tube pumping out red colour. 

They have delicious chocolates, frozen lollipops and cookies in variety of flavours, which are available in the shop everyday, and are as fresh as a new day! Belgium chocolates are imported from different countries, and believe me, when you eat their bubble gum & rum chocolate, you'll feel the flavour dancing on your tongue. Try not getting High! 

KagazKalam inside Mehaks' Kitchen

She is very fond of experimenting and therefore has a huge range of flavours you'll never imagine could taste divine. I love how she uses thin layers of fondant when required, and is purely vegetarian. Mehak Creations has an 'open kitchen concept', where you can go and calm your fears down. ( recipes are the yummy secrets though). 

The surprisingly great thing about her being a good baker is, that she is allergic to coco, and hates sugar. She has never tasted her cakes, and even then she does it 'sweetly right'. 

KagazKalam flaunting the Goodies

For all the sweet tooth readers, this place is heaven. I have never ever, (I maybe exaggerating, but excuse me for that), had something that could win my heart on the very first instance. Visit her Facebook Page, get your own pink & blue polka boxed treats or get her to sweeten your Diwali Hampers with yummies inside. 

Like I said,

"Skinny is not Fashion, Cupcake Is"!

Photographer: Shubham Jain

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