All in ONE!

I have always been obsessed with clothes. Dresses full of frills, salwar suits with layers of gher and lehengas that will make you boomerang. 'When I twirl, my dress should twirl along' has been my hearts mantra since forever!

Anarkalis, lehengas, gowns, frocks and skirts with frills have always always been my most favourite choice. I have never been too much into denims or shorts. My best getaway has been a knee length dress or a soft ankle kissing gown.

Often I have been asked questions about why my wardrobe doesn't have an 'A line' dress. Or why do I not experiment too much when it comes to dressing myself up! And until now I have been answering all those questions by buying more of what I love and adore rather than what's in fashion!

I may not understand the touch of pure cotton, and will definitely not be able to tell the difference between silky silk and pure georgette.

But everything soft to my skin has to slip in the curve of my body and make a place in my wardrobe. It is the most divine feeling!

To say that I don't love shopping will be one of those lies even God wouldn't forgive me for!

Shopping obviously doesn't create any blood rush in me, and I am not the kinds who would shop till I drop. But when I shop, and I set my eyes on something I have been wanting for a long time, then it is an ultimate dream come true. You know how it feels when you get the perfect dress, right?

A good dress makes me shampoo my hair, buy a good pair of heels, blush my cheeks pink and get ready to party. Adrenaline excitement!!

Sometimes I have to stop myself from wearing the outfit over and over again. Just like some people have an obsession for a pair of denims they cannot resist wearing, I usually have it for dresses. I over wear them until they say sorry or my parents tell me to give the poor dress some rest.

There are some clothes in my wardrobe that instantly lift me up, that make me feel like I am suddenly up in the air and very happy.

Have you ever felt the way I have?

Good clothes are such a heart winner! No threads hanging loose, the perfect fit, with seamless stitching, the smoothest fabric, o what a wonderful feeling!

Metros have often given us the luxury of splurging to our hearts desire and getting clothes at a decent range.

They always spoil us!

Be it a wedding or a function, we all usually fly to either of the few metros which help us fulfill our desires.

But gradually and fortunately stunning multi designer showrooms started making us happy by opening their doors here.

The yellow lights in those showrooms dazzled our pink cheeks and slender curves and made us dance a little in those lovely dresses, and those lights, I tell you, they are magical and delusional at the same time!

But the price tags were not always so heartwarming and delusional.

I used to be in a fix when I wanted to buy a simple gown for an evening party or a subtly stylish something for a friends mehendi! Sometimes I found stunners for digits I would only spend for my wedding and most often I would come home sulking.

There was no midway here. Shops either made you too classy and elegant with the high class range or else you came home with a bag full of casual shopping, happy but not satisfied.

Wandering in the search for that midway, I came across an invitation for a showroom called ONE. The owner Sugandha Kedia is one hyper happy soul.

From an all day life as an anchor in Delhi, where you get the best clothes, to travelling around the world for work, her life was a roller coaster.Then love flew her here and began the journey of adding in a splash of unique to the city.

The idea behind ONE wasn't one bored marwadi lady who wanted to sit and sell clothes but to give an easy deal to the pockets and make everyone happy!  ONE is an exclusive multi designer store as well, but here you'll find clothes racked in all range.

Here you'll get the luxury of buying what you love at an affordable range, a range that will let you spend happily. When you see a beautiful gown, your heart won't pump on seeing the price tag.

I loved the choice of clothes they have. From straight A lines that my mother would love, to anarkalis that will make me twirl; from dhotis and tops that's perfect for brunch to gowns so soft you'll want to be in them; from heavy suits with stunning pallazo's to chic styles that'll make you tango.

Everything is handpicked keeping in mind the price range, the quality, the fabric, the style and the trend.

My experience here has been fabulous specially with inch to inch alternations and I personally had a frill filled experience.

The yellow lights and the classy purple woody tinge in the showroom will make you feel royal, and you'll endlessly admire yourself in those dresses and mirrors that will always make you look good. Believe me on this!

So don't wait! It’s the perfect time to splurge! Get your brothers ready and tell them to make you shop!

Flaunt yourself in the mirror, try as many outfits as you wish to, feel like a princess from la la land, dazzle in the beauty and spin around, and ofcourse shop till you finally hop and drop, after all, it's all in ONE !

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Location of the Store: ONE, Beside Pushpak Apartment,Opposite Govt. High School

Call for queries on: +91 91110 02128

Photographer: Shubham Jain

(He is our Official Photographer. His team works tirelessly to cater to any genre of photography.To know more click on this link or check out his Instagram & Facebook Channels)

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