Essence of Beauty

I love pretty things. Even the tiniest bit of pretty excites my adrenalin buds. I don't like anything that's basic and boring. When I get up in the morning, the clock hanging on my wall should be so beautiful that it forces me to wake up and kill the redundancy. 

The tea should roll up to me in a tray that's vintage enough to make me feel royal, curled up somewhere under the sun. When I takeout my lip shades, the boxes need to scream bright and jazzy. Gone are the days when we kept our things simply in the drawers, and used those basic plastic trays to serve our guests.

I believe presentation is one of the best kind of beauty you can add to your lives. And when that's there, you know you are living it right.

These days all of us focus so much on 'good looking'things. Every little thing that enhances the beauty of a place is so essential.A simple dull room suddenly comes to life if you hang a candle stand with colourful flowers. 

Even though my artistic skills will give millions a heart attack,I somehow keep trying my hand on a lot of DIY's. 

Like hanging pictures on rice lights. 

I remember once my creative sister told me, 'vrish, your room looks shabby with these lights hanging so haphazardly.'

But every night for some time, that minimal creativity gave me happiness. 

I have met so many crafters in the past few months, but each one of them have displayed to me their unique style, something in which I can find their reflection. 

One such crafter, Paridhi Agrawal, helped me jolt out of my boring drawers by adding colour and style. 

An architect by profession she already knew the drill pretty well. But after practicing architecture for a while, sketching and slogging, she understood where her true passion resided. 

She happily knocked on and it's been a year and how. She's the founder of Craft Essence, and has been making beautifully gorgeous things,successfully for a over a year now. 

I have been using a couple of her boxes and trays at home,and I find them absolutely convenient. No chipping and breaking and stunning to look at.

The products are very well priced; you'll have the prettiest things at a very affordable price.

From candle stands to tea light holders; from stylish boxes to trays that will make you serve more; from decorative items to personally customized crafts. You name it, and she'll make it. 

Craft is something that never fades away. It is a blessing that stays with you and carries the essence forward. 

Check out her Facebook & Instagram Channels, shop awesome, and get rid of 'boring'.


Boring stays boring; but Craft evolves. 

Photographer: Shubham Jain

( He is our Official Photographer. Check out the Photographer section on the blog to know more.)

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