Vrishali Saraogi, the founder of 'KagazKalam' has always been a writer at heart.
She says 'writing is a genetic blessing, it came to me from my mother'.
She realised her dream was to knit words when she transformed almost every beautiful feeling into a wonderful story that made people happy.

And from thereon began the journey of storytelling! 
A hardcore foodie, with wheels on her feet, she plans to meet beautiful people who inspire her and make her heart dance.
She may be new to blogging but at heart she's always been connected with words. They create magic, she says.
Free lancing her way through her career she finally decided to make 'kagazkalam' her portal of expression which she says will be a compilation of life and a lot more...

From food to shopping to people who inspire her; from lip-smacking desserts to best party pads; from day dreaming activities to her travel diaries; from sweating some heat to shedding some kilos; from the best binge-on's to the health freak diet, you'll read all that and a lot more!

She may quintessentially not be the 'paper and pen girl' but is definitely in love with words!
Stay connected and watch her knit stories!

Photo Credit : Harshit Purohit